Eddie Lawson
Henry Winkler (Eddie Lawson) (Royal Pains Wiki)
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Vital statistics
Title Edward R. Lawson
Gender Male
Status Alive
Known Relatives Template:Plainlist
Appearances Eddie Lawson - List of Appearances
Portrayed By Henry Winkler

Eddie R. Lawson is Hank and Evan's father. He is discussed extensively in season one. During Hank's adolescence and Evan's childhood, he walked out on the family when their mother was dying. Evan has been able to reconcile himself with his father's legacy, but Hank has pointedly not. At the end of season one, Evan lends a large amount of HankMed's capital to Eddie, which almost bankrupts HankMed and leads to a rift between Hank and Evan. He makes his first on-screen appearance in the season two opener, when he returns Hank and Evan's money, to which Hank responds by punching him in the face. By the next episode, he has returned all of the money and has begun a relationship with "New Parts" Newberg. Though Hank asks Eddie to leave the Hamptons (as he is causing him too much trouble), he decides to stay. He attempts to be a good father to his children, but often misses the mark. He is apparently attempting to pull some sort of con on Boris Ratenicz, which later turns out to be spying on him for the Securities and Exchange Commission in return for a reduced fraud sentence.

He had the option of running in the season two episode Pit Stop. He was going to flee to a non-extradition country but chose to go to prison. He is was in a Correctional Institution in Florida and is also in alternative custody meaning he is in the Home Detention Program by using qualified good behavior. He gets to sleep in a real home and with a real job. He has been out for three weeks and has a sponsor out in Palm Beach. He is now currently free for prison and house arrest. He is now a rich and world renowned author. (not from Wikipedia but from the show)

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