Jeremiah Sacani
Vital statistics
Title Dr. Jeremiah Sacani
Gender Male
Status Alive
Known Relatives Unknown
Appearances Season 4
Portrayed By Ben Shenkman

Dr. Jeremiah Sacani is one of the doctors that Evan hires after a falling out with his brother Hank at the end of season 3/beginning of season 4. He is at first an extreme introvert who has issues with proper social cues. Though his bedside manner leaves much to be desired, what Dr. Sacani lacks in people skills he (mostly) makes up for with his dedication, exceptional memory, exhaustive medical knowledge and research ability.

Now an integral part of the HankMed team, Dr. Sacani is learning to adapt to the often unpredictable life of a concierge doctor, and proving himself to be a capable, caring physician and friend especially towards Divya, for whom the awkward Jeremiah's feelings are more than just friendly.