Ms. Newberg
Ms. Newberg
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Known Relatives Blake (Step-Daughter)
Appearances Ms. Newberg - List of Appearances
Portrayed By Christine Ebersole

Ms. Newberg is a middle-aged woman who is always having cosmetic surgery that turns out badly. In the first episode, when one of her saline implants fails, Hank empties her other implant to make both breasts even. In the third episode, Evan signs her to a summer-long retainer for a large amount of money. However, she cares deeply for anyone who works for her, referring to them as family, even using her retainer to have Hank take care of her maid. She is also obsessed with her dog Koufax, and throws a "bark mitzvah" for him. She has been married at least three times to a lawyer, a doctor and a banker. She has a stepdaughter named Blake and at least one granddaughter. In season two, it is revealed that she has begun a relationship with Eddie Lawson.

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