Paul Van Dyke
Vital statistics
Title Dr. Paul Van Dyke
Gender Male
Status Alive
Known Relatives unknown
Appearances Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Portrayed By Kyle Howard

Dr. Paul Van Dyke is a doctor at Hampton's Heritage Hospital and is a part time Concierge Doctor for HankMed. He is the kind of guy who is a little bit abrasive and ignorant but he works well with others and has a good bedside manner. He had a verbal fight with Hank because he prescribed Oral Steroids to a patient of HankMed who is a diabetic. It was actually Divya Katdare's fault because she was the one who prescribed the medicine.

In Season 3's My Back to the Future, Van Dyke takes Hank's place in HankMed as Hank is incapacitated due to his back pain. In this time, Evan looks up to Paul because he helps HankMed acquire a few retainer patients.

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