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The third season of Royal Pains premiered on June 29, 2011 on the USA Network in the United States.


Main charactersEdit

Recurring charactersEdit

Broadcasted episodesEdit

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
150px Traffic Writer: Andrew Lenchewski Director: Constantine Makris June 29, 2011 #301
With the beginning of summer comes a new group of potential patients, and HankMed wastes no time gaining more clients, beginning with a bus full of injured passengers. Meanwhile, Divya deals with the aftermath of her breakup with Raj, Marissa (Paola Turbay) nearly goes into labor, and Jill and Paige (Brooke D'Orsay) return from overseas, each bringing startling news.
150px But There's a Catch Writer: Michael Rauch Director: Michael Watkins July 6, 2011 #302
Hank is invited to a charity football tournament run by Ken "Killer" Keller (Michael B. Silver). During the tournament, tensions flare and Hank must put his feelings aside to treat an injured Keller.
150px Rash Talk Writer: Constance M. Burge Director: Michael Rauch July 13, 2011 #303
Hank must treat a woman (Shiri Appleby) who blames her sickness on her new line of house-cleaning products.
150px The Shaw/Hank Redemption Writer: Jon Sherman & Carol Flint Director: Matthew Penn July 20, 2011 #304
While on a trip to Florida to attend their father's (Henry Winkler) parole hearing, Hank treats an ex-hacker (Jonathan Tucker). Meanwhile, the Lawson brothers meet their grandfather (Ed Asner). Back in the Hamptons, Jill and Divya must deliver Marissa (Paola Turbay) and Boris's (Campbell Scott) baby. Later, while transporting stem cells, Jill is involved in a serious car crash.
150px A Man Called Grandpa Writer: Andrew Lenchewski & Jessica Ball Director: Matthew Penn July 27, 2011 #305
Still in Florida, Hank and Evan try to keep their father (Henry Winkler) out of prison while simultaneously trying to treat a patient (Jonathan Tucker). Meanwhile, Evan tries to get closer to the Lawsons' grandfather (Ed Asner) and Jill attempts to deal with the aftermath of her car crash.
150px An Apple a Day Writer: Jack Bernstein Director: Don Scardino August 3, 2011 #306
Hank treats Libby's (Meredith Hagner) wounded mother (Julie Benz). Meanwhile, Evan proposes to Paige (Brooke D'Orsay), Jill continues to search for the truth behind her crash, and Divya is met with some unwelcome news from Raj (Rupak Ginn).
150px Ta Da For Writer: Jon Sherman Director: Ed Fraiman August 10, 2011 #307
HankMed treats a magician (Tony Hale) while Evan books Hank on The Today Show with Matt Lauer. Meanwhile, Divya is surprised when she is met with hostility after treating a patient at Hamptons Heritage.
150px Run, Hank, Run Writer: Carol Flint Director: Emile Levisetti August 17, 2011 #308
After a champion marathon runner (Autumn Reeser) takes ill while training, she turns to HankMed for assistance. Meanwhile, Boris's condition seems to be worsening as his family tries to poison him.
150px Me First Writer: Michael Rauch & Constance M. Burge Director: Allison Liddi-Brown August 24, 2011 #309
Hank's latest case involves a boy with asthma. Evan and Paige break up over the secret. Paige's secret comes to light and Divya goes on a date with a doctor her first date since Raj, who she had been promised to since she was 11.
150px A Little Art, A Little Science Writer: Andrew Lenchewski Director: Matthew Penn August 31, 2011 #310
Hank treats Eric Kassabian (Wilmer Valderrama) in his crisis with fainting due to countless encounters with his dream painting. HankMed simultaneously attempts to find treatment for Paige's mother, much to the chagrin of the General, eventually finding the solution with one of Hank's former colleagues (Constance Zimmer). In the meantime, Divya works tirelessly to protect her secret while treating a difficult patient. Jill attempts to find her replacement.
150px A Farewell to Barnes Writer: Jon Sherman & Michael Rauch Director: Michael Rauch January 18, 2012 #311
The HankMed team attends a divorce party to treat the party planner, and Hank blames Dr. Paul Van Dyke (Kyle Howard) for a prescription error that may cost Eric Kassabian his life. Paige makes Evan an offer he can't refuse.
150px Some Pig Writer: Jessica Ball Director: Michael Watkins January 25, 2012 #312
Hank has trouble trusting Divya while the HankMed team treats a rock band.
150px My Back to the Future Writer: Constance M. Burge & Jack Bernstein Director: Mark Feuerstein February 1, 2012 #313
Hank begins having problems with his back, causing Evan to ask Dr. Van Dyke to fill in for him. Divya and Jill treat a thief.
150px Bottoms Up Writer: Carol Flint & Simran Baidwan Director: Tricia Brock February 8, 2012 #314
A former star (Jake Weber) visits the Hamptons in order to revive his career. Jack (Tom Cavanagh) tries to delay his treatment. Divya discovers that Raj has moved on.
150px Hank and the Deep Blue Sea Writer: Michael Rauch & Jessica Ball Director: Jay Chandrasekhar February 15, 2012 #315
Boris' cousin Claudette Von Jurgens (Judith Godrèche) visits to patch up their relationship. Evan offers help to Divya, and Jack takes a turn for the worse.

150px This One's for Jack Writer: Andrew Lenchewski Director: Emile Levisetti February 22, 2012 #316
Hank struggles to cope with Jack's death. Evan works with Boris' cousin.

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