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The fifth season of Royal Pains premiered on June 12, 2013 on the USA Network in the United States.


Main charactersEdit

Recurring charactersEdit

Broadcasted episodesEdit

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
150px Hankwatch Writer: Andrew Lenchewski & Jeff Drayer Director: Emile Levisetti June 12, 2013 #501
Hank is allowed to return to work full time, even though Evan and Divya keep an eye on him. Evan hires a team of six on-call physicians, including an unkempt Jeremiah, to assist with HankMed's workload. Divya learns that she is pregnant.
150px Blythe Spirits Writer: Michael Rauch Director: Constantine Makris June 19, 2013 #502
Paige and Evan host an open house for the community to combat Blythe Ballard's efforts to force them out. Hank struggles to get back into shape while he cares for a police officer with a problematic daughter and medical needs of his own.
150px Lawson Translation Writer: Constance M. Burge Director: Emile Levisetti June 26, 2013 #503
With HankMed shut down for 72 hours, Hank travels to Budapest to meet with Miloš about Boris' death. Hank discovers that Boris is alive and hiding from Miloš. Dimitri, Boris' half-brother, dies trying to protect them. Boris wishes to go public, but Hank urges him to be patient.
150px Pregnant Paws Writer: Simran Baidwan Director: Ken Whittingham July 10, 2013 #504
With the announcement of Divya's pregnancy, Evan and Hank attempt to cater to her needs - to an uncomfortable level. Jeremiah treats a pair of fun-loving radio hosts (guest star Danny Pudi), Divya treats a dog trainer and Paige tries to take on an internship.
150px Vertigo Writer: Carol Flint Director: Michael Watkins July 17, 2013 #505
At a musical event at the park, Hank chances upon Officer O'Shea who requires a checkup; Evan again butts heads trying to upstage Blythe Ballard and Divya treats the conductor, whose rush of inspiration oddly coincides with his loss of balance and sense of time. Paige winds up working with Blythe as part of her art appraisal internship.
150px Can of Worms Writer: Jon Sherman Director: Jay Chandrasekhar July 24, 2013 #506
An injured heckler at one of Evan's campaign events leads to Paige asking her father to help - or halt - Evan's quest for city council. Hank attempts to treat a model (Perrey Reeves) whose slenderness is her brand, and is hampered by her belligerently protective boyfriend.
150px Chock Full O' Nuts Writer: Aubrey Karr Director: Mark Feuerstein June 31, 2013 #507
'Killer' Keller begins aggressively negotiating with Shelby over the merger contract on Hank's behalf - though not entirely to his wishes. Evan and Paige have their first fight, and Divya adjusts to renting in Jeremiah's house. The trap in the Hamptons for Miloš is set, but Boris's contacts lose track of him.
150px Hammertime Writer: Jack Bernstein Director: Allison Liddi-Brown August 7, 2013 #508
The Miloš conspiracy comes to a close when he lands in the Hamptons for the auction at Shadow Pond. Divya treats an old couple while questioning the state of her personal life and pregnancy.
150px Pins and Needles Writer: Jessica Ball Director: Ed Fraiman August 14, 2013 #509
While treating a florist, Hank and Jeremiah come to conflict over Hank's pain medication and his possible addiction. Evan enlists the help of Divya as a campaign and debate partner, but his doggedness concerns Paige. Boris reflects on the disease he and Miloš share.
150px Game of Phones Writer: Carol Flint & Jon Sherman Director: Matthew Penn August 21, 2013 #510
The week before Evan's birthday, his giddiness over a surprise party results in him flying to Italy with Divya, where she plans to tell her mother about her pregnancy. Don O'Shea looks for his daughter Molly when she runs away, with Don's heart problems and Hank's narcotics issues complicating the rescue.
150px Open Invitation Writer: Michael Rauch & Jessica Ball Director: Joe Collins August 28, 2013 #511
In the wake of Don's coma, Hank's pain problems come to the forefront - causing Molly to lose trust in him and Eddie to return to stage an intervention with the help of "sobriety guru" Lacy - though she isn't without problems of her own. Paige suffers from insecurity over Evan and Divya's friendship.
150px A Trismus Story Writer: Constance M. Burge & Jack Bernstein Director: Tawnia McKiernan September 4, 2013 #512
The council election day finally arrives, with Evan and Blythe still duking it out in any way possible, with an enthusiastic reporter whose jaw problems don't stop her from keeping the cameras rolling.
150px Bones to Pick Writer: Andrew Lenchewski Director: Michael Rauch September 11, 2013 #513
As summer draws to a close in the Hamptons, everyone has to face uncomfortable truths that threaten the future of HankMed. Jeremiah must navigate his anger towards Hank and his friendship with Divya, Hank has to escape the legal tangle with Symphony and faces a proposal from Boris. Divya realizes she is at the point where her pregnancy can no longer be taken lightly, and with all distractions out of the way, Paige and Evan struggle with how their marriage isn't entirely stable when Paige is invited to work in Paris.

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