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The sixth season of Royal Pains premiered on June 10, 2014 on the USA Network in the United States.


Main charactersEdit

Recurring charactersEdit

Broadcasted episodesEdit

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
150px Smoke and Mirrors Writer:
Teleplay by: Andrew Lenchewski
Story by: Andrew Lenchewski & Jeff Drayer
Director: Kevin Dowling June 10, 2014 #601
Hank temporarily returns to The Hamptons to attend a ceremony for Divya and her new baby, and helps a musician who may have a grave illness. Meanwhile, a mysterious young woman has also crashed the party.
150px All in the Family Writer: Michael Rauch & Antonia Ellis Director: Matthew Penn June 17, 2014 #602
The Lawsons discover that they have a sister, but something is off about her. Meanwhile, Hank helps out a tennis pro, and Jeremiah copes with life with Divya and her baby.
150px A Bridge Not Quite Far Enough Writer: Teleplay by: Constance M. Burge
Story by: Constance M. Burge & Jeff Drayer
Director: Matthew Penn June 24, 2014 #603
Evan tries to mend fences for Eddie and Emma, Divya finds the perfect nanny but is suffering from separation anxiety, and Hank helps a private investigator while she is on the job.
150px Steaks on a Plane Writer: Jon Sherman & Carol Flint Director: Emile Levisetti July 1, 2014 #604
Boris sends Hank on a dangerous mission in Monte Carlo, Emma's presence puts stress on Evan and Paige's marriage, and Divya and Jeremiah try to solve a mystery illness for a team of firefighters.
150px Goodwill Stunting Writer: Jack Bernstein Director: Paulo Costanzo July 8, 2014 #605
Evan's effort at a publicity stunt backfires, a new patient may be a mobster, Paige's career may be in jeopardy, and new hospital management may be trying to run HankMed out of business.
150px Everybody Loves Ray, Man Writer: Jeff Drayer Director: Constantine Makris July 15, 2014 #606
Hank talks to Emma about her future, while a restaurant's new chef exhibits unusual behavior. Divya treats a NASCAR crew chief who is having anxiety issues.
150px Electric Youth Writer: Charles McClelland Director: Jessica Ball July 22, 2014 #607
Jeremiah becomes interested in the roommate of one of his patients. Emma feeds gossip to an online site. Hank and Divya treat a house-sitter.
150px I Did Not See That Coming Writer: Carol Flint & Jon Sherman Director: Jay Chandrasekhar July 29, 2014 #608
An old flame visits Hank while seeking medical advice, Divya bonds with a patient trying to get pregnant, Emma is invited to an upscale birthday party, Jeremiah has a date with Viviana, and Paige wants to confront Russell about the rug.
150px Oh, M.G. Writer: Aubrey Karr Director: Mark Feuerstein August 5, 2014 #609
The team sees two new clients as Hank Lab opens, Cinco hurts Emma's feelings, Evan discovers that he is an "old fart," Hank helps Charlotte get ready for her procedure, and Divya unnecessarily meddles in Jeremiah's relationship.
150px Good Air/Bad Air Writer: Carol Flint & Simran Baidwan Director: Jay Chandrasekhar August 12, 2014 #610
Divya and Sachi go with Hank and Boris to Argentina to visit Sachi's grandmother. Evan is angry over a compromising photo of Hank. Jeremiah tries to patch things up with Viviana. Paige helps Ray decorate and helps Russell make amends.
150px Hankmed on the Half Shell Writer: Constance M. Burge & Jon Sherman Director: Joe Collins August 19, 2014 #611
Evan tries to distance HankMed from Ray while dealing with Emma's role in impugning Hank. Divya must find a way to return Sashi home and work with Jeremiah as they treat a model in frail health.
150px A Bigger Boat Writer: Teleplay by: Michael Rauch & Jessica Ball
Story by: Jessica Ball
Director: Janice Cook August 26, 2014 #612
Evan and Paige help Emma go after Oz while Hank is left to treat Cinco. Divya and Jeremiah treat a boat builder, and Charlotte acclimates herself to life after surgery.
150px Ganging Up Writer: Andrew Lenchewski Director: Michael Rauch September 2, 2014 #613
Hank and Evan search for Emma, while Divya must fight to keep Sashi. Paige discovers shocking news about her therapist, Jeremiah decides to make a few changes, and Boris has new concerns about his condition.

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