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The seventh season of Royal Pains premiered on June 2, 2015 on the USA Network in the United States.


Main charactersEdit

Recurring charactersEdit

Broadcasted episodesEdit

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
150px Rebound Writer: Andrew Lenchewski Director: Constantine Makris June 2, 2015 #701
HankMed turns a new page after Boris buys Hamptons Heritage. Hank loses Charlotte and takes of TV host who is hosting a party at the Newberg house. Evan and Paige discover that they may be having a baby.
150px False Start Writer: Michael Rauch & Woody Strassner Director: Joe Collins June 9, 2015 #702
Hank treats a triathlon patient who also gives him some dating advice. Evan is worried that he may already be a father. Jeremiah helps clear Divya's name, but her arrest video goes viral.
150px Playing Doctor Writer: Constance M. Burge Director: Emile Levisetti June 16, 2015 #703
An intense Hollywood method actor wants to shadow Hank to prepare for his next role. Meanwhile, Divya performs a genetic test on a royal patient who doesn't want to play by the rules.
150px The Prince of Nucleotides Writer: Carol Flint Director: Michael B. Silver June 23, 2015 #704
Evan and Paige consider adopting a child. Hank treats a transgender teenager. Jeremiah is in over his head when an old acquaintance comes with a business offer. Prince Quami takes an interest in Divya.
150px Voices Carry Writer: Jessica Ball Director: Paulo Costanzo June 30, 2015 #705
Evan thinks Boris doesn't trust him to do his job. Hank's date at the United Nations results in a big job offer. A third suitor for Divya arrives in the Hamptons. Paige is finally fed up with her lazy contractor.
150px Secret Asian Man Writer: Michael Rauch & Jeff Drayer Director: Ed Fraiman July 7, 2015 #706
Boris is forced to share his secret plans with Evan. Divya deals with what appears to be a Smallpox outbreak. A patient sets Hank up on a double date. Jeremiah lays low after his big business mistake.
150px Lama Trauma Writer: Jon Sherman Director: Lara Shapiro July 14, 2015 #707
Hank helps Boris prep a secret patient for surgery as Evan tries to chase a bad omen out of the hospital. An offer from Quami leads Divya to make a major decision about her personal life.
150px Lending a Shoulder Writer: Michael Rauch & Constance M. Burge Director: Jay Chandrasekhar July 21, 2015 #708
Evan and Paige's surrogate daughter goes into labor, Hank runs into his ex-fiancée from New York and discovers unresolved issues with her, and Divya prepares for big life changes after her grandmother dies.

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