Tucker Bryant
Tucker Bryant
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Known Relatives Marshall David Bryant IV (Father)
Libby (Ex-Girlfriend)
Appearances Tucker Bryant - List of Appearances
Portrayed By Ezra Miller

Tucker Bryant is the teenage great-grandson of the inventor (Marshall David Bryant II) of the blender (in reality, the blender was invented by Stephen J. Poplawski) and Libby is his girlfriend. Tucker and Libby were injured when Tucker crashed his father's Ferrari F430. Libby's injuries are mild, but she proves to be a cyberchondriac and thanks to the Internet is prone to bouts of medical babbling. She is also a health nut, prompting Tucker to state, "she has food so fresh you can taste the dirt"; Tucker describes her as "a handful" but quickly adds "but the best usually are." Hank discovers that Tucker, who was more severely wounded, is a hemophiliac, which complicates his injuries. Hank performs a MacGyver-like procedure to stabilize him (such procedures are pretty commonplace in the series). Hank later befriends the couple, despite a stern rebuke from Tucker's father, Marshall David Bryant IV. The elder Bryant, however, is rarely home, which causes Hank to become a surrogate father to Tucker. The couple is almost broken up by Evan, but ultimately remain together. Later, it is revealed that Tucker's grandfather has "cut off" Tucker's father, and Tucker is now in charge of his father's finances.

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